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I started playing an online game back in 2006. At that time I was dealing with a lot of health issues which was baffling doctors and was not getting proper treatment.  It wasn't until about 6 years later that I was diagnosed properly with SLE Lupus.

Prior to playing this game, I was working in a large corporate environment and I also ran two art-based side businesses for myself. My two side businesses were photography (mostly weddings) and web design/development (my main client was a popular artist/cinematic character developer).

This online game really helped me keep ahold of a big part of me that was lost due to my health. I had to go on disability at age 26. I closed my photography business first as I could no longer carry the equipment needed. I closed my web business last as my brain could no longer retain the skills needed to code.

What this game offered me, besides socialization and comradery, was art contests!  Even though my art was no where at the level it was prior to my health issues taking over I still felt enthusiastic and proud that I could still create!

This website houses images of the art created during a period of time where my hands and brain still let me create.  Enjoy!